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The boat is big, but it is really light, far lighter than competing trailerable cruisers. It is light enough to be towed behind standard sized cars. We consider that the weight of the 26, with all normal gear, is the maximum practical weight for easy ramp launching and trailering.

The 26 is just under 8’ wide, and can be legally trailered everywhere in the United States. Most of our competitors are over 8’ wide, and require permits for trailering in many states, including New York, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Illinois and Arizona. Many states also place severe restrictions on over wide loads, including limitations on weekend travel. At best, getting a permit is a hassle, and no one needs another trip to the local department of motor vehicles. All states prohibit loads over 8' 6" without a permit. It is best to check the laws of all states or countries in which you wish to travel. You may not get stopped if you are over width, but if you are involved in an accident, the lawyers will certainly be interested in the width of the trailer and boat. to keep the boat centered as it goes on and off the trailer. There is also a ladder at the front of the trailer to make it easy to get up on the boat.

MacGregor 26 Trailering

We ship everywhere in North America. For International Shipments,
please call Sharp Industries at (949) 642-9491.

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