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macgregor 26 interior Drawings


Interior looking forward

The weathertight cabin offers full standing headroom, and comfortable accommodations for family cruising. The large sofa seats and dinette seats can be used for conversational seating, or as comfortable berths. The galley, with lots of storage space, is on the left. It has a sink, large counter space, and room for a stove. The galley top is standard kitchen counter height. Behind the mirrored bulkhead there is a fully enclosed head compartment. This is an absolute necessity for any voyage lasting more than a few hours. A large double berth is forward, with a big overhead foredeck hatch for good ventilation. The table is large and sturdy, and four people can comfortably have a meal. The cabin itself will easily seat 8 or more people.

Interior looking aft

Looking toward the rear of the cabin, you can see the large entry hatch, entry steps and a really big rear berth. It is about the size of a queen sized bed. The berth has full sitting headroom over a large area. A berth this large (6’6 x 5’ 9”’) is rare in a boat of any size. A large portable ice chest can be stored in place of the removable cushion on the forward starboard corner of the rear berth. There is also a large area under the rear dinette seat for an optional ice chest. The battery is located in the compartment directly under the ladder. The cockpit seats are over 6 feet long, and can be used on a nice night for outside sleeping.


This cutaway drawing shows the general interior layout. The main feature of the interior is the large galley that slides fore and aft and locks in several positions. In the forward position (shown as a shadow), there is excellent access to the large rear double berth. With the galley to the rear, there is a lot more room in the main cabin for seating and socializing. The port side seat, 8’ 2” long, can be used as a large berth. Even with the galley fully to the rear, the big rear berth still makes a usable double, though access to the berth is restricted on the port side. The rear dinette seat back is easily removable for access to the rear berth on the starboard side.  

This view shows the galley in the forward position. The counter height is the same as you will find in the average home kitchen. There is full standing headroom when working at the galley. There is a small rear seat behind the galley, and easy access to the big rear berth. The dinette seat back lifts out for access to the rear berth. The galley has its own water supply, room for an optional stove, and lots of storage. The black square above the cabin light is the electrical panel. There are tunnels throughout the deck liner for wiring for additional electrical items. The electrical panel and the round hatch on the opposite side are removable for access to the back of instruments that may be mounted on the rear face of the cabin. 


This is the galley in the rear position. In this position, the majority of the galley is still out in the main cabin, and the stove and sink can be used. The galley can also be moved back another 12” to allow even more space in the cabin. The galley is mounted on a set of rails that are recessed into the seat. It is really easy to move, even when loaded, and can be locked in place at each of its 3 positions. The seat cushions are 5” thick, and the seat backs are soft and comfortable. The floors are carpeted, and all surfaces are nicely finished. 

The table lowers to provide a very wide 7’ 5” single berth. The 26 will sleep a total of 6 adults. This is far too large of a crowd, but it is possible. The galley is shown in the rear position, allowing for lots of seating or for a very long single berth.

This is the enclosed head compartment. We offer a portable and removable head, but is it possible to install a conventional thru hull marine toilet and holding tank. 

There is a good, solid head door for privacy. The door folds in the center and hinges against the back of the mirrored bulkhead. This setup is a lot better than the total lack of privacy offered by the under-bunk heads found in most small boats.

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