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macgregor 26 sailboats

Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java, you should see this, it's really cool. Quick Stable and responsive, the revolutionary MacGregor 26 is the fastest and best handling of any of the trailerable cruising boats.

It offers high speed powering without compromising sailing performance. you can have the peace and quite of sailing, or the fun of powering at over 24 mph.

Unlike any other boat, it opens a world of endless variety; sailing, swimming, fishing, diving, water skiing, or just fooling around on the water.

Here are a few of the many features which make the MacGregor 26 a truly remarkable boat.

  • Water Ballast System

water ballast systemMacGregor developed this concept. It has been widely copied and is now the standard throughout the trailerable sailboat industry. It makes it possible to have very light weight for powering and trailering, and the heavy stability necessary for safe sailing. After launching, the transom valve is opened and a tank in the bottom of the hull is gravity filled with 1400 lbs. of water. Under power or sail, the ballast makes the boat stable and self righting. The tank is emptied when the boat is floated back onto the trailer, or while under power, leaving a trailering package lighter than most small powerboats.

  • Stability

StabilityThe relatively flat bottom required for high speed powering creates one of the most stable sailboats you will ever find. The photo on the right shows 180 lbs. on the rail with the water tank empty. Other boats would show some serious tipping.

The MacGregor 26 is self righting with the water ballast tank filled. This means that the boat will return to an upright position after being pulled over on it's side with the sails set.

  • Low Maintenance

The MacGregor 26 is as maintenance free as a boat can be. The rigging is of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The fiberglass hull and deck require only an occasional waxing. The cushions and carpets can be easily removed and the boat's interior can be hosed out.

  • Solid Foam Floatation

Solid Foam FloatationThe MacGregor 26 has built-in solid foam floatation to keep it afloat in the event of damage. It won't sail fast when flooded like this, but it beats swimming. Most competing boats do not offer this essential safety protection, and their heavy keels can pull them straight to the bottom. Don't get a boat without solid flotation!

  • Rigging

MacGregor's rigging is especially designed for trailering. Stay adjusters are used rather than turnbuckles. With masts that are raised and lowered, turnbuckle bending and failure is very common. Stay adjusters are stronger and much more reliable.

  • Fiberglass Structures

The MacGregor 26 is built to outlast all of us. Each boat is built of individual layers of fiberglass fabrics, laid in place by hand, in a carefully controlled process. Hulls and decks are light, but strong, with extra reinforcement at all high stress points. MacGregor's  bolted hull to deck joining system is strong, but compact, and adds little unnecessary width to the boat.


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