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We have an excellent DVD video showing all aspects of the boat’s design, construction, sailing performance, launching, rigging and powering. It is informative and really entertaining. If you are interested in a MacGregor or any other type of sailboat, this video will be more than worthwhile. For overseas customers, please contact Sharp Marine (See "exporting" in this web site's table of contents.)

The video has scenes showing the MacGregor 26 being trailered to distant sailing waters. We take you through the launching and rigging of the boat. There are a lot of entertaining scenes showing the difficulties trying to get competitor's boats in and out of the water. This is followed by a complete description of the many details of the Macgregor 26 that eliminate all of these launching and rigging problems, and that allow the boat to be launched and rigged in less than 15 minutes. This alone is worth the price of the video.

There is a detailed tour of the interior, showing all of the boat's features. All of the deck hardware and rigging is examined thoroughly. The video will show you how to launch the boat, raise the mast, and sail or power the boat. There is a detailed description of the advantages of the water ballast system, and how it works.

No boat is easier to sail, and this video will give you all of the reasons why this is so true.

There are many sailing and powering scenes taken on some of the world's most beautiful sailing waters, including England, New Zealand and the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California (including Catalina Island). There are a lot of scenes taken at interesting bays, harbors and quiet anchorages.

You will see water skiing, light and heavy air sailing, and high speed powering in quiet lakes and in the open ocean. The video clearly shows how much fun a family can have with this boat.

The video also includes a tour through our plant; one of the most modern boat building factory in the world. We show every detail of the construction of the MacGregor 26. There is an interesting section on fiberglass construction, showing exactly how the boat is built, and a description of each of the materials that goes into the fiberglass layup. Then we show you how the boat is assembled. There is also a segment on the fabrication of our trailers.

We then show how the boats are inspected and shipped.

Above all, the video gives a vivid graphic presentation of why the MacGregor 26 is the best selling cruising sailboat in the world.

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We ship everywhere in North America. For International Shipments,
please call Sharp Industries at (949) 642-9491.

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