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There is no nicer or lower cost way to spend time than sailing. There are few things in the world that are as quiet, graceful and downright fun. You will find no better way to spend an hour, a weekend or an entire vacation. From the vantage point of a sailboat, the normal cares of the world seem small. A sailboat is versatile. For a couple, put on the music, fill the ice chest and you have romance. It is also a wonderful sport for a family. Most of the families that own these boats have children, and the kids seem to love it. If you want a thrill, few sports can equal heavy weather sailboat racing.

There is also much to be said for quietly sailing off all by yourself. Sailing is one of the few pastimes left where you can get away from the crowds. There are thousands of quiet coves, rivers, islands, anchorages and secluded waterways. Many of the best vacation places are at the edge of water. Unfortunately, the land side is packed with humanity. The water side has barely been touched. With a boat as your own private island, you can enjoy all the beauty and seclusion you want...and the fishing is usually good. If you like people, crowds and action, a sailboat can get you there too.



We ship everywhere in North America. For International Shipments,
please call Sharp Industries at (949) 642-9491.

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